These Signs May Mean You Need Glasses

Knowing if you need glasses may sound simple, but it may be more difficult than you think. Your vision may degrade slowly, very slowly that you get accustomed to how you look at things, not even knowing that anything has changed.

Some common symptoms that let you know that you may need glasses are:

Blurred vision:

Sometimes this may not be obvious, because blurred vision tends to develop slowly over time. Also, occasionally blurred visions are normal, for example, due to dramatic changes in the lighting conditions in the room, or after you blink your eyes, or when you have a cold or allergies. Many people often ignore the increase in blurred vision.

However, if the blur cannot be attributed to one of the reasons, more importantly, if it persists for a while, it may be a symptom, and your eyes have a problem, and you need glasses. A reliable sign is if you cannot read small fonts that you know have been able to read clearly before.

Eye pain:

Similar to blurred vision, occasional pain around the eyes may be normal and not worthy of attention. Too bright light or headache, cold or sinus infection can cause eye pain. In addition, some medications may have painful side effects on the eyes (although usually, this is temporary).

However, if your eye pain does not disappear or becomes more intense over time, this may be a warning sign that you might need glasses.

Overly tired eyes:

If your eyes feel weak and seem to be tired in what seems to be a short period reading or watching a computer screen, or doing another activity, then it may be time to check your eyes with an optician and see if the corrective lens can solve your problem.

Frequent squinting:

If you find yourself squinting frequently, you could be doing so because you want to reduce the excessive light getting into your eyes. Squinting could be a temporary fix, but if you want long-term results, you should think of glasses that will compensate for your poor vision.

Unexplainable headache:

If you seem to have frequent headaches or migraines, that doesn’t seem to be connected to allergies or disease, or any form of injury or ailment, it could mean that you may need to have corrective lenses to help your vision. An extended period of excessive eye strain, trying to compensate for the loss of vision may lead to frequent headaches.

Seeing halos in the light:

If you start seeing circles around car headlights, light bulbs, or other types of light, you could be having an eye problem. You see halos when light becomes scattered or blurred, making you not to focus perfectly. Glasses can fix the situation.

Difficulty seeing at night:

It’s okay not to see clearly at night, but if you have much difficulty seeing things, then it could be a sign that you may need glasses. Glasses will help you particularly if your problem relates to nearsightedness.


It’s necessary to see your eye doctor if you start seeing off these signs. You might be given eyewear that will help you resolve your eye problems.…

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